Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set

Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding

Estes A8-3 Model Rocket Engine Pack

Estes Flash Rocket Launch Set

4M Water Rocket Kit

4M Water Rocket Kit

04 December 2013

D&L Company Ultra Stomp Rocket Refills - 1 pack

Estes 302301 Model Rocket Igniters

Estes B4-2 Rocket Engine

Estes B4-4 Rocket Engine

Estes C6-5 Model Rocket Engine Pack

4M Rocket Race Car Kit

4M Rocket Race Car Kit

04 December 2013

Estes 2178 Hi-Flier Flying Model Rocket Kit

Estes 1491 Taser Launch Set

Estes Maxi Alpha III Model Rocket Kit

Estes 1403 Riptide Launch Set

Estes 2454 Sky Trax Flying Model Rocket Kit

Estes 1948 Big Bertha Flying Model Rocket Kit

7963 B6-4 Flight Pack - 3 Engines & igniters plus 12 sheets of wadding

Estes 2162 Big Daddy Flying Model Rocket Kit

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon Flying Model Rocket Kit

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